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or he quicken●ed his pace.But at the end of the ▓block he crossed the street and came back ●on Lyon's side.Lyon looked sharply at him a●s they passed each other, but the man●'s face was indistinguishable in the s●hadow.It was only after he had passed o▓n that Lyon remembered that the lig●ht from the street lamp must have fa●llen full upon his own face.Well, he had no● reason to mind being identified. When ●Lyon reached his rooms he pr▓oceeded to put into effect an ingen●ious little scheme that had occurred to him.●He studied Miss Elliott's catalogue till he fou●nd the name of a pupil from a▓ town where he had some personal acq▓uaintance.He then wrote an a●ppealing letter to an influential▓ woman whom he knew there, telling he●r of his lonely state as a stra▓nger in a strange city, and begging th▓at if she knew a Miss Kitty Tayntor of her own▓ t

own who was attending Miss Elliott's school i▓n Waynscott, she send him forthw●ith a letter of introduction. ●CHAPTER VIII Conscience and interest in the ▓case combined prompted Lyon to call upon● Dr.Barry early the next da▓y and inquire how Mrs.Broughton w▓as. Just about as ill as s●he can be, the doctor answered grimly.I ha▓d left special orders that she was not ●to see anyone.What in thunder did y●ou m

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